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Pay-per-click (PPC) allows you to market to the most responsive audience—online browsers who are already interested in your company or what you provide. We’ll work with you to determine which keywords you’d like to use as your ad triggers and will then determine other keyword groups and targets for your business. When customers search for those keywords, your ad will appear with a call to action, and a direct link to your website.

To get started with a paid search advertising campaign, you pay a flat monthly management fee to Osprey Interactive, and pay a hosting service, like Google, only when your ad is clicked and a lead is sent to the landing page of your choice. You set your daily maximum budget for your PPC campaigns, and we handle the rest. It's that easy.


We'll Help Your Business:

    • Create an in-depth ad campaign on your selected search engine(s)


    • Optimize your ad copy and calls to action to drive focused, high converting traffic to increase leads and sales

    • Create the ads you want, and will research the keywords to recommend for bidding

    • Target Your Competitor's Search Traffic And Remarket To Your Site Visitors

    • Determine the priority list for keywords and the maximum bids for each, along with daily budgets

    • Monitor keyword performance, completing weekly maintenance to add/drop keywords

    • Target customers based on age, gender and location

    • Create mobile friendly ads




We offer PPC packages for any project or budget, including bulk and hourly rates, monthly plans, consultations, and audits.







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1901 New Jersey Ave, North Wildwood, NJ 08260
Phone: 609.742.5656